Hear the lion’s roar: the Belgian and Dutch Leagues awaken!

Riot Games, developer and publisher of one of the world’s most popular games, League of Legends, and 4Entertainment, the Benelux’ premier gaming and esports company, have joined forces in bringing the region two separate official League of Legends leagues to represent the Benelux region in Europe.

Starting in January, six teams in both the Netherlands and Belgium will compete to become the very best League of Legends teams in the Benelux for the 2020 season and a €50,000 cash prize pool. The top competitors will be able to play in the EU Masters and face the best teams of the other European national leagues, an ideal opportunity to showcase their talent on an international stage. 

Playing in two splits per season, with playoffs and split finals leading into the European Masters for League of Legends and the chance to be crowned Belgian and Dutch champion at the end of the season, the two national leagues will provide stability, continuity and an immense potential for growth. Players from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are welcome to join either league.

Starting today, teams will be able to register for the open spots in the league, a selection process that will be open until Wednesday 4 December 2019 23h59. Following that, the selected teams will play in the new leagues and receive support to help them become more stable and futureproof organizations. Six teams (per country) will compete in the inaugural season, with additional spots becoming available for the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

“We are incredibly honoured that Riot Games has deemed us worthy of carrying out its vision for League of Legends esports in the Benelux region. Having an overall structure, more support for teams and a firm base to help everyone grow is the ideal platform to help the local scene improve and excel. 

We are highly motivated and convinced that both Belgian and Dutch leagues will continuously grow and eventually create top-level players and teams that can compete on the highest level. That is our common goal.”

Steven Leunens, Event Director 4Entertainment bvba.
"We look to deliver thrilling esports experiences through a sustainable ecosystem for teams and fans. These two new leagues will represent the highest level of competition of their respective countries and will help structure the Benelux esports ecosystem by bringing more regularity and a framework for teams to level up.

The leagues will follow the calendar of our international competitions and will give fans the opportunity to consume regular content about local teams and local emerging talents. 4Entertainment’s experience and expertise will help us ensure the success of the leagues in terms of image and the quality of content delivered to our community."

Damien Ricci - Head of Esports France & Benelux

Introducing: the Open Tour
Teams that are not able to meet the league’s criteria for the first season will still be able to participate in the official League of Legends Open Tour, a series of 7 tournaments with a prize pool of more than €10,000 split across those 7 tournaments. Prepare yourself in the Open Tour and prove that you are worthy of competing against the largest teams in Season 2. 

More information about the Open Tour will come soon.

Dutch League
Website: https://dutchleague.lol/
Email: info@dutchleague.lol
Twitter: @lolesportsnl
Discord: https://discord.gg/PRWz8CE

Moritz ‘radicaL3i’ van der Lugt
Email: moritz.vanderlugt@4entertainment.be
Phone: +31 6 43 45 92 09

Belgian League
Website: https://belgianleague.lol/
Email: info@belgianleague.lol 
Twitter: @lolesportsbe
Discord: https://discord.gg/PRWz8CE

Davy ‘DAVY’ Sysmans
Email: davy.sysmans@4entertainment.be 
Phone: +32 471 86 68 45