The Dutch League welcomes Basic-Fit as a new partner!

The Dutch League welcomes Basic-Fit as a new partner! As our teams and players return to the rift for another season of League of Legends action, Basic-Fit has got their health in mind.

Research has shown time and time again that physical fitness has a big impact on the performance of esports athletes. When it comes to leveling up your game, exercise has been shown to improve things like learning speed, hand-eye coordination and mental health, making it a crucial part of an esports training regimen.

“The four pillars of performance in Esports – Physical, Psychological, Nutrition and Recovery – are all linked with fitness and healthy habits. As the fitness experts, we at Basic-Fit strive to make esporters love their fitness habits and move towards a happy and fit life.”
Kevin Ayeni, Marketing Manager Benelux

Aside from spotting us, Basic-Fit will also be partnering with our sister league over at the Belgian League, making sure our players get to work up a sweat on and off the rift in the entire Benelux.

Want to know more about Basic-Fit? Take a look at our partner page for all of the links to their social media channels.