The Dutch League teams

The time has come. After weeks of suspense and excitement, we can finally announce the six teams that will compete for the crown in the first season of the Dutch League in 2020. We’re ready. Are you?

A force to be reckoned with and a household name for anyone that has followed the top level of League of Legends in the Benelux over the past years. Will they be able to keep up the level of performance expected of them going into the Dutch League?

Echo Zulu
Another staple in League of Legends that has proven themselves in the past years. They trampled onto the scene, but will they trample the opposition and fight their way into the EU Masters?

mCon esports
The oldest esports organisation in the Benelux, standing strong through thick and thin, mCon esports has proven itself a worthy competitor in every competition and in every esports title that has come across the Benelux region.

Built on a wealth of experience, Dynasty is no stranger to anyone familiar with the Benelux scene. Will they live up to their name and breathe life into a new dynasty?

PSV Esports
Another household name, but from a different perspective. Anyone who has touched a football will know PSV, and their ventures into FIFA over the past years have led them to the Dutch League to claim a spot amongst the best in another esports title. Will their vast experience translate into success in the Dutch League?

A newcomer into the League of Legends scene, THRLL is participating as a brand of Home of Esports, expanding their activities into another esports title after having set a foundation through their FIFA activities. Can they hold their own in this new venture?

And so it begins…

We are extremely excited to see what the future holds, for the league, the teams, the fans and esports in the Benelux as a whole. Let this mark the beginning of a new era in esports!

We want to thank all of the teams that have applied for a spot – this wouldn’t have been possible without every organisation putting their best foot forward. Meanwhile every team not in the Dutch League will be able to participate in the Open Tour Benelux (more info coming soon). We will continue to work with all of you to develop our regional esports scene and prepare everyone for next year, when the Dutch League will become bigger, better, and stronger!

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Contact: Moritz ‘radicaL3i’ van der Lugt