SummerSplit Week 8 Recap & Highlights

The final week of the Dutch League was upon us in week 8, but we still saw some quality matches. PSV Esports and LowLandLions were the featured matchup, with Echo Zulu taking on team THRLL and Dynasty closing out their split against mCon Esports Rotterdam.

The first game to be played was the one between mCon esports Rotterdam and Dynasty, who were both out of contention for the playoffs. Dynasty looked very strong early as Lian secured a jungle advantage on his Nidalee and a first Dragon and Rift Herald for Dynasty. mCon Esports was able to take away the next two Dragon but after twenty minutes of play Dynasty found kills on jungler Pieter05 and Yeetified, after which they picked up a free Baron and secured a 6000 gold lead. Even though mCon Esports Rotterdam was initially able to hold off Dynasty, they were completely overrun and lost two important teamfights. After regrouping, Dynasty ended the match, putting themselves on three victories this split.

Then our featured match between PSV Esports and LowLandLions got started. LowLandLions roleswapped with Raqo going jungle, Hades going support, Orre going mid and Quicktimer playing ADC. In an early game filled with fights things were relative even, but Orre on Zed in the mid lane and Zhergoth on Karthus in top lane got very fed. PSV Esports was able to pick up multiple objectives, securing Baron 21 minutes into the match and Ocean Soul at 24. They ended the match closely after, reaffirming their chance at the Dutch League title.

To close things out Echo Zulu took on Team THRLL. Echo Zulu found First Blood early and picked up the first two Dragons and a Rift Herald, while Team THRLL held cs leads in all lanes. Team THRLL found more and more winning teamfights as the game went on, leading to a Rift Herald and a first Dragon for them, putting them on a small gold lead at 20 minutes. Team THRLL secured Baron 25 minutes into the game, but gold stayed mostly even. Disasters truck around the fifth Dragon, which was picked up by Team THRLL while Echo Zulu lost three members. Team THRLL won a teamfight in the jungle of Echo Zulu shortly after, which ended the game.

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