SummerSplit Week 7 Recap & Highlights

Multiple interesting games in the Dutch League this past week, even though the play-off candidates are already known. Team THRLL and PSV Esports battled it out in a clash between the current number one and number two, while LowLandLions took on Echo Zulu in a number three versus number four affair.

PSV Esports and Dynasty started things off. It was PSV Esports that found an early advantage through strong laning, while Dynasty picked up a first Dragon. It was a slow game with both teams focussing more on macro play, with no kills being picked up after 15 minutes. After finding the First Blood PSV Esports started escalating their play, finding even more kills and increasing their gold lead to 6000 at the 20 minute mark. PSV continued their dominance by picking up Baron, leading 9-0 in kills at 25 minutes. The game didn’t last long after that, with PSV Esports closing out the match shortly after.

Up next we had LowLandLions taking on mCon esports Rotterdam. The early game stayed relatively even, with both teams being pretty even in gold. LowLandLions did have two early Dragons to their name, while mCon led in kills. Around 18 minutes a fight broke out around the third Dragon, which mCon initially won, but LowLandLions turned it around with a steal and two additional kills putting them on Soul Point. After a disastrous fight for mCon it was LowLandLions who found the ace, leading to Cloud Soul and Baron. LowLandLions take down all three inhibitors and with a final push end the game.

Then PSV Esports faced Team THRLL in the featured match of the week. It was Team THRLL that found an early lead and picked up the Rift Herald, which they traded for an early Dragon to PSV. The game chugged along and at 20 minutes gold was almost equal, which favoured the PSV Esports composition, something they showed when they won a fight around the third Dragon and got slightly ahead in gold. PSV Esports had a chance at the Infernal Soul as THRLL jungler Raxhy stole away the Dragon, but his team lost a lot of members leading to a Baron for PSV Esports. The infernal Dragon spawned once more and in the fight that ensued PSV Esports ADC Kitty secured a Pentakill on Ezreal, which led to PSV ending the game.

Closing out the matchday were Echo Zulu and LowLandLions. The early game was very hectic with both teams looking to pick fights LowLandLions found an early (small) gold lead, while Echo Zulu took away the first two Dragons. Echo Zulu did look sharper in teamfights and took over the gold lead about 12 minutes into the match. Things went wrong in the river however, with LowLandLions mid laner Raqo finding a triple kill. Things went wrong for LowLandLions in the jungle of Echo Zulu, losing three members, but as Echo Zulu was taking Baron LowLandLions engaged and came out on top. Baron was secured by LowLandLions and they put themselves on Soul Point shortly after. After a devastating fight Echo Zulu lost its middle and bottom inhibitor and after yet another fight (in the top lane this time), they lost the game.

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