SummerSplit Week 6 Recap & Highlights

Week 6 of the Dutch League was the probably the final chance for our two lower ranked teams to stay in contention for a play-off spot. Both Dynasty and mCon Esports had to win both their matches, but were they able to do so?

Our first game of the evening was mCon esports Rotterdam taking on Echo Zulu. Echo Zulu looked stronger early on thanks to a strong performance by jungler dONNIE on Elise, securing a rift herald and two early Dragons. Echo Zulu lost two fights in quick succession, leading to mCon Esports Rotterdam gaining a gold lead. After a won fight mCon was able to pick up Baron, while Seem reached level 16 on Kassadin. Echo Zulu wasn’t able to defend against the Kassadin and lost all 5 players, with mCon Esports winning their first game.

Up next Dynasty took on current number one Team THRLL, where Dynasty found a small lead early. Things changed around when the third Dragon came along, which was stolen by THRLL, while they also found three important kills. Dynasty kept fighting back and ultimately found two kills in the mid lane, after which they immediately picked up Baron and took the middle inhibitor and a Nexus turret. Cloud Soul also went to Dynasty a bit later, with THRLL losing multiple members, leading to another Baron. Dynasty went to THRLL’s base with a final push and ended the game and THRLL’s winning streak, dealing them their first loss.

The third match of the evening was between mCon Esports Rotterdam and PSV Esports. The gold lead stayed relatively even early but PSV Esports controlled the objectives and took down the first turret. PSV Esports found multiple kills in the top lane, which got Kitty on Aphelios very fed. PSV held a 10k gold lead only 18 minutes into the game and after a devastating fight in the jungle of mCon Esports Rotterdam, they ended the game in just over 20 minutes.

Closing out the matchday were Dynasty and LowLandLions, who both needed a victory. LowLandLions found an early gold lead but Dynasty were able to kill the first Dragon and Rift Herald. At 20 minutes LowLandLions held a 2000 gold lead but Dynasty stayed in the match by contesting Dragons and winning teamfights. After finding a pick on Silas LowLandLions were able to secure an uncontested Baron, which increased their gold lead. LowLandLions started pressuring the base of Dynasty, who were unable to hold them off. LowLandLions ensures themselves of a play-off spot, while crushing the dreams of Dynasty.

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