SummerSplit Week 5 Recap & Highlights

Some important matches were played in week 8 of the Dutch League, with Team THRLL finding LowLandLions on their way and Echo Zulu taking on Dynasty in a battle for a possible play-off spot.

Echo Zulu and PSV Esports were relatively equal in the early game, with PSV finding a small gold lead but Echo Zulu picked up the first two Dragons. Echo Zulu kept finding small kills and secured the third Dragon, putting them on Soul Point (Mountain). PSV Esports keep Echo Zulu away from the fourth Dragon and build out their lead, with Zhergoth on a big gold lead on Gangplank. Echo Zulu found the Baron and Mountain Soul even though PSV Esports kept the gold lead the entire game. They destroyed PSV Esports’ base and book an important victory, paving the way for a play-off spot.

The featured match of the evening was the one between Team THRLL and LowLandLions. THRLL once again put Raxhy on the Kha’Zix, this time into Hades’ Elise. LowLandLions found a small lead through kills in the bot lane and two Dragons. Things went wrong for LowLandLions went they lost a big fight around the fourth Dragon, losing four players in the process, which led to a baron for Team THRLL. LowLandLions held on and secured the second Baron, but lost two players in the process. Team THRLL won an important fight in the mid lane leading to an Infernal soul, after which they were able to end the game.

Echo Zulu went looking for a second win of the evening against Dynasty. They held a small lead early but Dynasty found an early Dragon. Echo Zulu denied Dynasty the second Dragon but top laner FatShield found multiple kills on his Trundle for Dynasty. Dynasty gave up a few kills to Echo Zulu in both the top and bottom lane, losing their gold lead around the 25 minute mark. Dynasty reacted by picking up the Dragon, putting them on Soul Point. In a clever play Echo Zulu ran to Baron, which they secured, but they lost dONNIE in the process. Dynasty made a mistake when Fatshield and Aldwar were killed by Echo Zulu, opening up their base. Echo Zulu won the game and are now in a great position to make play-offs, while Dynasty is in trouble.

To end week 5 Team THRLL took on mCon esports Rotterdam, who had to win to keep the play-off dream alive. THRLL went into the game after a surprising draft, picking up Pyke for Atrocez, Syndra for Mytheos and Akali for Kubu. On the side of mCon we saw a more traditional draft except for the Jhin for Reality. Things went wrong early for mCon after a failed invade and jungler Raxhy hit 5 kills after only 4 minutes of play. The gold lead was 10.000 gold after only 11 minutes. Team THRLL kept pushing while mCon esports Rotterdam was completely unable to fight back. THRLL improve their record to 7-0 and are a lock for play-offs.

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