SummerSplit Week 4 Recap & Highlights

In week 4 only three matches were played in the Dutch League, but each match was important for the rankings as we reached the halfway point. Not in the slightest the match between mCon esports Rotterdam and Dynasty, who were both on the lookout for that first victory if they still wanted to make playoffs.

Team THRLL and Echo Zulu kicked things of in the first game. THRLL found a lead early by picking up three kills, finding Baba twice in the mid lane. Ten minutes into the game Echo Zulu had an Infernal Dragon to their name, but THRLL held 5 kills and a Rift Herald with a 3000 gold lead. Echo Zulu found their first kills and the second Rift Herald, but wasn’t able to close the gold gap at twenty minutes. THRLL picked up a kill on Donnie and looked towards Baron, where Echo Zulu lost a crucial teamfight while THRLL secured said Baron. After picking up the Cloud Soul THRLL found a fight in the mid lane which they won, ending the game shortly after.

In the match between LowLandLions and PSV Esports the second place was at stake. LowLandLions held a small gold lead at the ten minute mark after drafting a composition that spiked early, but PSV Esports kept things close gold-wise. LowLandLions did find a second Dragon and their second Rift Herald. PSV Esports kicked off a fight around the third (infernal) Dragon but lost thanks to a triple kill from Hades, putting LowLandLions on Soul Point.PSV’s composition started coming online as they won a fight to contest the fourth Dragon for LowLandLions, picking it up themselves. Another fight went down around the next Dragon which was again won by PSV Esports, spelling disaster for LowLandLions. After picking up Baron the game was basically over, with PSV Esports ending dominantly.

To close out the day mCon esports Rotterdam and Dynasty went looking for their first victory of the Summer Split. In an uneventful early game both teams kept gold mostly even, with Dynasty picking up a first Dragon while mCon esports Rotterdam secured the Rift Herald. Things were still even until a fight broke out around the fourth Dragon that went to mCon esports Rotterdam, but Dynasty found three kills and Baron. Dynasty kept on winning teamfights, eventually picking up the Baron and they close out the game calm and collected. Dynasty improves to a 1-4 record, while mCon esports is now in last place with 0-5.

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