SummerSplit Week 3 Recap & Highlights

We got to see a lot of interesting matches in the third week of the Dutch League. Especially the game between PSV Esports and Team THRLL, who were both undefeated, was bound to be a spectacle. With LowLandLions also looking to get back on top against Echo Zulu and mCon esports Rotterdam, we had a lot to look forward to.

In our first game LowLandLions looked stronger early with Hades looking solid in the jungle on Trundle finding the first and second Dragon. Echo Zulu got stronger throughout the early game and at ten minutes gold and CS numbers were mostly equal. LowLandLions eventually found a big fight in the mid lane, which led to them picking up the third Dragon and securing a 4000 gold lead at 20 minutes. Thanks to a big engage by mid laner Raqo on Corki LowLandLions found an ace in the mid lane moments later, which led to a free Baron. LowLandLions finished strong with another won teamfight, securing their second win of the split.

Then it was time for the match between PSV Esports and Team THRLL, where Team THRLL found a great start with 5 kills and the Rift Herald. PSV Esports reacted by picking up the first Dragon. Even though Team THRLL found more kills and another Dragon, PSV Esports kept things balanced with a Rift Herald pickup and strong CS numbers. At 25 minutes the game was dead even, with both teams having 2 Dragons. PSV Esports did manage to take away Baron a bit later and was able to destroy multiple turrets, making life difficult for Team THRLL. They were able to rebound after they aced PSV Esports around Dragon, which led to another won fight around Baron, putting themselves in the driver seat. They pick up the Infernal Soul but through Furuy PSV Esports manage to hang in there. A mid lane fight turns into disaster for PSV Esports just moments later, with Team THRLL finding the ace and ending the game.

LowLandLions looked to build upon their recent win in the match against mCon esports Rotterdam, who were still looking for their first victory. LowLandLions started strong with quick kills in the bot lane. mCon esports Rotterdam was able to respond with a Dragon and a kill in the mid and bot lane. Then LowLandLions amped up the pressure with some successful teamfights, securing the advantage. LowLandLions end the game with a Pentakill by mid laner Raqo on Orianna to convincingly close out a 2-0 matchday.

PSV Esports looked to bounce back against Dynasty who still don’t have a win to their name. It was Dynasty that looked the strongest early on, finding three kills through jungler Lian even though PSV Esports took away their red buff with a successful invade. PSV Esports countered by taking away the second Dragon. Things went wrong around the Rift Herald as PSV Esports was caught out, with Dynasty finding four kills and taking control over the game. They throw it away in a horrible fight in the top lane however, as PSV Esports picks up multiple shutdowns. They never gave up that lead again and closed out the game to secure another victory, improving to 3-1.

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