SummerSplit Week 2 Recap & Highlights

The second week of matches in the Dutch League Summer Split looked very promising, with multiple teams still looking for their first victory. Dynasty took on LLL and Team THRLL, while mCon esports had to battle PSV Esports and Echo Zulu.

The match between Dynasty and LowLandLions was our first, and featured, match of the evening. Both teams were still looking for a first win this Summer Split. In the early game both Dynasty and LowLandLions found an early kill, but The Rift Herald went over to Dynasty, who found a small lead. LowLandLions took over that lead after two strong skirmishes, finding themselves on Soul point at 18 minutes. At 23 minutes LowLandLions pick up the Mountain Soul after a crushing teamfight, followed by Baron, putting LLL on a 9000 gold lead. They didn’t look back and ended the game, securing their first victory.

In the match between mCon esports Rotterdam and PSV Esports we saw a Wukong pick for the first time from the side of PSV. It was PSV Esports that found two early kills and an early lead through Albetrayber on Nidalee and Kitty on Miss Fortune but at 10 minutes gold was relatively even again. A few kills went the way of mCon esports Rotterdam but PSV literally fought themselves back in the lead again through important kills by Zhergoth on Wukong. PSV kept finding kills through Kitty as they fought mCon around objectives, ultimately collapsing on them in the top lane and finding three kills. This opened up a free Baron, leading to a 7000 gold lead after 24 minutes and a third Dragon. PSV Esports used their sizeable lead to break open the base of mCon and after finding four kills, closed out the game.

Team THRLL defended its unbeaten record against Dynasty in the third game of the evening. None of the teams was able to find an advantage early as THRLL looked stronger in lane but Dynasty found a Dragon and the first Rift Herald. At 20 minutes both teams were still equal in gold, with THRLL having one more Dragon under their belt, eventually reaching Soul point 23 minutes into the game. Dynasty starts up Baron and manages to secure it, but lose all five members to THRLL, who can easily pick up Ocean Soul. One final teamfight in the top lane sealed the deal, as Team THRLL improve to a 3-0 record.

Echo Zulu and mCon esports Rotterdam closed out the second week of matches. After a balanced early game it was mCon esports Rotterdam that gained a very small gold lead. Echo Zulu turned it around by coming out ahead in skirmishes, finding multiple kills through Sebs on Ornn and jkalam on Ezreal. At 23 minutes mCon esports Rotterdam come out victorious in a teamfight and pick up a free Baron, but with their composition they struggled to gain a significant lead. This resulted in a stall war between both teams that was eventually won by Echo Zulu when they won a teamfight 33 minutes in and picked up the second Baron. They closed out the game shortly after and pick up their second victory.

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