SummerSplit Week 1 Recap & Highlights

The Dutch League is back for its Summer Split and we had a whole lot to look forward to. Multiple teams changed up their rosters looking to secure a place in the play-offs. Which team will have made the most progress?

Team THRLL started things off against mCon esports Rotterdam, with both teams having changed their roster around heavily. It was THRLL that looked like the stronger team early on, securing a 5000 gold lead around 15 minutes in through top laner Kubu and mid laner Mytheos. Team THRLL showed some great macro play, securing objectives and controlling vision. At 24 minutes they had an Infernal soul and Baron under their belt, with a 10.000 gold lead to boot. In a last ditch effort mCon esports Rotterdam engaged a 5v3 situation, but Team THRLL turned the fight around and found 4 kills. They went on to lay waste to the base of mCon esports Rotterdam and secure their first victory.

Up next we had Echo Zulu who took on Dynasty. Dynasty quickly found two kills and traded in the second Dragon for a Rift Herald. It resulted in an almost 3K gold lead for Dynasty in the early game. Echo Zulu had to stall so they could outscale Dynasty later on in the game, which they succeeded in doing as the game reached the 30 minute mark. After winning a crucial teamfight in the river Echo Zulu picked up the Cloud soul and Baron, flipping the switch on Dynasty. Mid laner Baba put in a fantastic performance on Orianna, providing the necessary damage in teamfights as Echo Zulu secured the Elder Dragon and another Baron.

Team THRLL (with Kruimel in the mid lane this time) took on LowLandLions, who have an almost entirely new roster excluding Hades, in the third game of the evening. Just like in their first game Team THRLL was the stronger team early on, securing three Dragons and a 4000 gold lead at 17 minutes. LowLandLions engaged on Team THRLL at 22 minutes and it looked like they’d score the ace, but Mytheos secured a triple kill which led to the Ocean Soul. Team THRLL took their advantage to the Baron, which they were able to take down alongside 4 more kills. THRLL then used it’s siege comp to full effect to close out the game and secure their 2-0 start in the Dutch League.

To end the first day of the Dutch League Echo Zulu took on PSV Esports, who kept the same roster as last Split. PSV Esports took control of the game early in classic fashion, finding individual leads in every lane and controlling the map, even though they gave up the first Dragon. The result was a 6000 gold lead at 15 minutes and a lot of gold on Kitty’s Aphelios and Furuy’s Ekko, facilitated by Albetrayber’s Graves. PSV Esports managed to kill Baron and finds multiple kill in the teamfight that followed. Echo Zulu was never able to recover as PSV Esports ended the game and secured their first victory.

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