SummerSplit Playoffs Semi-Finals: Recap & Highlights

In the Dutch League semi-finals Team THRLL and LowLandLions fought over a spot in the Grand Final, where the winner would meet up with PSV Esports to battle for an EUM play-in spot. Which team will win and which one will be out of contention?

Game 1

Both teams remained equal in gold in the first 10 minutes, but the first Dragon and Rift Herald went to LowLandLions. Things changed when LowLandLions was able to push down the top lane, taking down two Turrets and securing a small lead. LowLandLions kept finding favourable fights, leading them to pick up a second Dragon at 17 minutes. In the meantime, Orre kept getting stronger on his Caitlyn, picking up a triple kill in the mid lane. At 21 minutes they manage to sneak away Baron, putting Team THRLL on an even bigger deficit. LowLandLions kept pushing the lanes, with Team THRLL being unable to fend them off in one lane without losing turrets in the other. LowLandLions found a decisive fight in the base of Team THRLL, which they won, closing out the first game with a win.

Game 2

LowLandLions started off with with a succesful invade, putting Raxhy behind while Looca secured their own red buff, and picking up the first Dragon. Hades kept pushing his advantage, securing Rift Herald. Team THRLL secured two important kills in the top lane, but the second Dragon went to LowLandLions, followed by a first Turret takedown in the bot lane. LowLandLions won another teamfight in the top laned followed by a second Rift Herald, increasing the gold lead to 5000 at 15 minutes. LowLandLions put themselves on Soul Point but lose two players to Team THRLL in the process. After zoning THRLL away LowLandLions was able to freely take up the Infernal Soul, win an important teamfight and pick up Baron as well at 22 minutes. LowLandLions kept sieging the base of Team THRLL, not even bother to go pick up the Elder Dragon. After a long siege, the Nexus of Team THRLL fell. LowLandLions win and move on to the Grand Final against PSV Esports.

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