SummerSplit Playoffs: Match 1 Recap & Highlights

The Dutch League Summer Split moves on to the playoffs, where PSV Esports and Team THRLL started things off in a best-of-three series. Their matchup was sure to be an interesting one, as the winner moved on to the Finals.

In the first match it was PSV Esports that secured an early gold lead with two early kills and a Dragon, while Team THRLL picked up a Rift Herald that was denied his charge by Anthrax Bard ultimate. PSV Esports took control of the match through strong jungling by Albetrayber on Graves, leading to their first Rift Herald at 15 minutes. THRLL fought back by picking up two kills for Drop in the bot lane and securing their second Dragon of the match. Things changed when Raxhy engaged on Furuy in the mid lane, where THRLL found three kills in total, making the gold even again. THRLL picked up the third Dragon and reached Soul Point but lost two players to PSV Esports in the fight that ensued. PSV Esports found a pick on jungler Raxhy, which led to them securing Baron at 25 minutes, but lost four players in a teamfight around the Dragon with THRLL taking the Infernal Soul minutes later. The next objective was the Elder Dragon where Furuy and Kitty were killed early, leading to Team THRLL securing the Elder Dragon and Baron shortly after. After a short siege Team THRLL found the necessary kills and closed out the game.

In game 2 Team THRLL found a quick First Blood in the mid lane after a gank by Raxhy, followed by a Rift Herald. Both teams picked up a Dragon each, with THRLL securing the second Rift Herald 15 minutes into the game as gold remained mostly even. PSV Esports found a baron at 23 minutes and reached Soul Point with a 3000 gold lead. PSV Esports overstayed their welcome in the jungle of THRLL however and lost four players in a devastating teamfight, putting the gold almost even again. Team THRLL attempted to start and take the second Baron but was caught out by PSV Esports, who wipe their entire team, ending the match shortly after. We move on to a crucial game 3.

Game 3 started out well for PSV Esports with an early First Blood for mid laner Furuy and an Infernal Dragon, leading to a small gold lead. Team THRLL got back in the game by finding two kills in the mid lane, securing a Dragon of their own shortly afterwards and closing the gold gap. Both Furuy (3 kills on LeBlanc) and Kitty (2 kills on Aphelios) got stronger for PSV Esports, resulting in a second Dragon. A fight broke out in the mid lane ahead of the fourth Dragon, which was won by PSV Esports mostly through Kitty on Aphelios, resulting in a Baron. The Dragon was picked up by Team THRLL, who were able to collapse on PSV Esports, finding all five kills and nullifying their Baron pickup. Ultimately it was PSV Esports who picked up the win thanks to a brilliant pick found by Furuy on his LeBlanc, resulting in a full team wipe on the side of THRLL. PSV Esports is the first Dutch League Summer Split finalist.

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