Summer Split Playoff Finals: Recap & Highlights

In the Grand Final of the Dutch League PSV Esports enter as the favourites. They take on LowLandLions, who had some great showing in earlier series during the play-offs, in a best-of-five to decide who’ll win the Summer Split and who’ll move on to the EUM play-in stage.

Game 1

In the first 10 minutes gold remained mostly even, but LowLandLions secured the first Dragon. PSV Esports was able to destroy two turrets however. Small skirmishes kept breaking out, with LowLandLions also securing a second Dragon after a fight in the bot lane. A fight broke out around the Rift Herald which was won by LowLandLions, giving them a small gold lead at 15 minutes.  LowLandLions kept finding good engages through Hades’ Sett, putting themselves on Soul Point. Thanks to some brilliant engages and a pick on Kitty LowLandLions secured the Ocean Soul and won another huge fight through kills by Raqo on Azir. That advantage was turned into a Baron and after a huge push LowLandLions retreated to pick up the Elder Dragon, where they came out on top in an extended teamfight. LowLandLions wins the first game in convincing fashion.

Game 2

PSV Esports started strong in game 2 with a quick First Blood in the mid lane through an Albetrayber gank, as LowLandLions countered the early game pressure with a first Dragon. It was PSV Esports that kept finding individual kills, with jungler Albetrayber finding three before 10 minutes. Kitty’s Caitlyn also secured a big gold lead over Orre in the bot lane. In a fight over the third Dragon LowLandLions get a 4 for 3 trade after which they put themselves on Soul Point. LowLandLions kept winning skirmishes despite the PSV Esports gold lead and brawled themselves back to equal footing, preparing for the fourth Dragon. That Dragon did go to LowLandLions but PSV Esports immediately started and finished Baron. After a fight for Elder Dragon LowLandLions came out on top, but they had to regroup before picking it up after Furuy zoned them off it. They also picked up Baron afterwards. After a fight in the jungle of PSV Esports goes wrong, LowLandLions find the ace and finish the game, putting themselves on match point!

Game 3

This time LowLandLions looked strong with early pressure and kills, but PSV Esports countered with kills of their own and a first Dragon. LowLandLions was able to pick up the Rift Herald at 8 minutes but at 10 minutes gold was dead even. The second Dragon went to LowLandLions after trading kills mid and bot, while taking down a second turret shortly after as well. After picking up the Herald once more, LowLandLions found two more kills in the mid lane alongside the third Dragon, increasing their gold lead to 2000. Shortly after they also found an ace, but lost three players in the process. The lead increased to 4000 as turrets kept falling on the side of PSV Esports. After a desperate final attempt LowLandLions clean up and finish the game, defeating PSV Esports 3-0 in the Grand Final and moving on to the EU Masters play-ins!