Dutch League Week 8 Recap & Highlights

Defusekids took on Dynasty in a battle for the second seed that they managed to win. Defusekids found small leads throughout the game, but Dynasty always managed to close them by taking objectives or finding picks in lane through jungler RedNosePanda on Olaf. Again it was Goose who put on a strong performance for Defusekids, this time on Aphelios with Nightmare on Thresh by his side. They look ready for play-offs, where they’ll take on PSV Esports in the juggernaut match.

Echo Zulu decided to shake things up against PSV Esports and put Boomin in the top lane on Trundle and Mke on Yuumi in the bot lane together with an Ezreal. PSV Esports found a quick kill in the jungle before laning phase even started and with that the tone of the game was set. Echo Zulu never managed to crawl back into the game and PSV Esports secured the victory in a dominating fashion.

In the third game of the evening Team THRLL took on mCon esports. An important match, because Team THRLL could still move up to third place if they won. Both teams started pretty evenly in the early game, with kills being traded between them. After twelve minutes Team THRLL found a good fight around the Rift Herald and never gave up that lead. Especially mid laner Raqo performed well on Tristana, finding multiple kills during laning phase and providing his team with damage. Team THRLL eventually closed out the game and jump over Dynasty in the standings to third place.

In the final game of the regular season Echo Zulu took on PSV Esports once more. This time Echo Zulu opted for a Kassadin for Dommy in the mid lane and a Vayne-Galio bot lane, while PSV chose for a Taliyah in the mid lane and an Ezreal-Nami combo in bot lane. PSV Esports secured a lead early on and once again showed how dominant they can be, not giving Echo Zulu an inch. They end the game in first place, having only lost to Defusekids.

Next week PLAYOFFS: