Dutch League Week 6 Recap & Highlights

Week 6 of the Dutch League was an important one for several teams. Echo Zulu had the opportunity to get back into play-off contention with their matches against Defusekids and Team THRLL, while PSV Esports looked to stay undefeated against mCon esports and Dynasty.

Echo Zulu took on Team THRLL in the first game of the evening. With some interesting picks, Echo Zulu opted for Sett in the jungle and Rumble on support, while Team THRLL chose a more traditional composition. In the end it was Team THRLL that came out on top thanks to strong performances by mid laner Raqo on Irelia and bot laner Mytheos on Ezreal. An important victory for Team THRLL, who now have three wins to their name and inch closer towards play-offs.

The match between PSV Esports and mCon esports turned out to be a lot closer than most people expected. It was mCon esports that held an early lead but PSV Esports eventually took over towards the mid and late game. It was a big teamfight in the river that eventually sealed the deal. One of the most important factors for PSV Esports was top laner Zhergoth, who had a dominating performance on Aatrox. With only two matches left for mCon esports, they feel the pressure coming from Team THRLL, who now have the same record.

In the third game of the evening Echo Zulu took on Defusekids. Both teams had been struggling and were in need of a win. It was Defusekids that managed to break out of its slump and defeat Echo Zulu, thanks to a strong match from their bot lane Goose and Nightmares on Lucian and Nautilus respectively. Play-offs are in theory not impossible for Echo Zulu, but their chances have taken a nosedive. Defusekids on the other hand gets a chance to prove themselves once again next week, as they take on PSV Esports and mCon esports.

To close out the sixth week of the Dutch League PSV Esports took on Dynasty in our featured match of the evening. In a relatively slow game it was PSV Esports that played their traditional style to the fullest by controlling the macro and finding the right opportunities to fight. With jungler Albetrayber on Lee Sin and mid laner Furuy on Ziggs, they broke through Dynasty’s defences and minimized the impact of jungler RedNosePanda. PSV Esports stays undefeated, while Dynasty sees its win streak snapped.

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