Dutch League Week 4 Recap & Highlights

An interesting fourth week of matches in the Dutch League, as some teams were able to pull off upsets against higher ranked teams. Dynasty took on Defusekids in a battle for second place and Team THRLL tried to secure its first victory against mCon Esports, who seeked to redeem themselves after last week’s loss. The final match between Echo Zulu and PSV Esports was postponed due to technical issues and will be played at a later date. More information about the reschedule will be communicated later.

In the first match of the evening mCon Esports took on Team THRLL in a very important game for both. Team THRLL was looking for its first victory, while mCon Esports was in need of a win after losing last week. Ultimately it was Team THRLL that managed to pick up a victory, as Raqo and Mytheos swapped lanes which proved to be an effective change. Thanks to the victory Team THRLL is still in play-off contention, while mCon Esports will have to redeem itself against Dynasty and Echo Zulu next week.

Dynasty managed to win both matches last week and took on Defusekids, who lost against PSV Esports. Dynasty’s momentum was able to carry them to a victory against Defusekids, thanks to stellar jungling by RedNosePanda on Jarvan IV and a great performance by ADC Aldwar on Xayah.  The game was very close up until the very end, when Dynasty managed to win a teamfight and pick up Baron as well as the Elder Dragon. Dynasty now finds itself in second place together with Defusekids, as both teams have a 3-2 record.

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