Dutch League Week 3 Recap & Highlights

The third week of action in the Dutch League was primed to be an important one. Defusekids had to prove they are top contenders in the League by playing against mCon Esports and PSV Esports, while Dynasty and Team THRLL were still looking for their first victory. Echo Zulu also had to show that their win last week against Team THRLL wasn’t just a fluke.

In the first game of the day Team THRLL looked strong against Dynasty in the early stages of the game, but Dynasty soon caught up. In a fun and exciting game it was Dynasty that managed to pull ahead and eventually closed out the game after a big fight around Dragon. Even though THRLL was able to secure the Dragon Soul they lost three players, which gave Dynasty the opportunity to storm their base and pick up their first win in the Dutch League. Especially jungler RedNosePanda and bot laner Aldwar were important players for Dynasty.

The match between Defusekids and mCon esports was an interesting one, not in the slightest because top laner Alois was allowed to play his signature Riven. Defusekids seemed to get ahead early thanks to some successful plays by jungler Hades, but mCon esports took over with some great fights and held a small gold lead. Defusekids focused on objectives, but was denied the Dragon Soul by mCon esports. Defusekids seemed to be in trouble, but thanks to great teamfighting they won out and secured Baron, ending the game with a final push. Defusekids remains undefeated, but mCon esports showed they are a force to be reckoned with.

Echo Zulu player Mke decided to pick up the Soraka in the top lane in the game between Echo Zulu and Dynasty, but it didn’t work out. Despite a great performance on Xayah by Echo Zulu’s Jkalam, Dynasty took home its second victory. In a crucial moment Echo Zulu traded its Nexus Turrets for a Baron, leaving their base in ruins. Echo Zulu was able to obtain the Dragon Soul, but had to trade it for another Baron that went to Dynasty, which they used to end the game. Jungler RedNosePanda once again showed up to play (Elise) together with Aldwar on Aphelios.

In the final game of the evening Defusekids took on PSV Esports. PSV Esports made sure to focus on objectives and got three dragons under its belt. Kitty had a great performance on Miss Fortune and provided the necessary damage for PSV Esports, as they eventually secured the Dragon Soul as well as Baron. Defusekids was unable to fight an answer through the Aphelios of Goose or the Irelia of Alois. PSV Esports came out on top and handed Defusekids their first loss while remaining undefeated themselves.

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