Dutch League Week 2 Recap & Highlights

Some interesting matches were played in the second week of the Dutch League as some teams had to prove themselves. PSV Esports fought a great battle against mCon Esports and Echo Zulu had two opportunities to get their first win in the Dutch League on the board against Defusekids and Team THRLL.

PSV Esports and Dynasty were up first, with both teams taking a slower and more secure approach to the game. Dynasty, who lost last week, showed great signs of improvement but PSV Esports eventually took over the game by focusing on effective teamfights to shut down Dynasty. The latter now sits at a 0-2 record and will have to look for its first victory next week.

Echo Zulu found themselves with a difficult opponent in the second game of the evening, namely Defusekids. Even though they showed great composure, Echo Zulu eventually fell prey to Defusekids’ superior macro play, falling significantly behind in gold and finding themselves unable to contest objectives or their base. Defusekids remain undefeated as of yet, proving themselves as serious contenders.

The match between PSV Esports and mCon Esports was a much anticipated one, as both teams stood at a 2-0 record. The match itself was also a lot more messy, with extended teamfights and lots of small skirmishes. PSV Esports managed to score an ace 21 minutes into the game and mCon Esports wasn’t able to recover. PSV Esports now sit at the top of the table with a 3-0 record, while mCon Esports suffered its first defeat.

Echo Zulu and Team THRLL both had no wins to their name and were eager to prove themselves. It was Echo Zulu that found a lead through their bot lane, getting the Lucian of “Raqo” behind. Thanks to some great plays by jungler “Dommmy” Echo Zulu was able to build upon its lead, secure Baron and end the game. Team THRLL still hasn’t found a win and sits at a 0-3 record, while Echo Zulu gets on the board (1-2).

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