Dutch League Week 1 Recap & Highlights

Our Dutch League teams have completed their first week of matches, with one team making a big statement on the rift. We had mCon esports taking on Echo Zulu and Dynasty, while Team THRLL battled it out with two big favorites, PSV Esports and Defusekids. The match between Team THRLL and PSV Esports was also our featured match of the evening.

In the first game of the Dutch League mCon esports took on Echo Zulu. It was mCon esports that managed to build up a sizeable lead early in the game thanks to a great performance by top laner Weka. Echo Zulu struggled to get back in to the games after falling behind in their lanes, as they lacked the necessary damage output. Mid laner Sumi managed to secure a quadra kill in a fight around Baron, with mCon esports winning their first game a few moments later.

Up next Team THRLL took on PSV Esports in a much anticipated matchup. Neither team got ahead early, with gold staying relatively even. Eventually PSV Esports built up a lead through top laner Zhergoth on Renekton and mid laner Furuy on Cassiopeia, destroying the base of THRLL. They managed to secure the Baron and shortly after ended the game with a quick siege.

In the third game of the evening mCon esports had to prove their first win wasn’t a fluke by taking on Dynasty. They managed to do just that as they grew a lead through jungler Cheelm, which they utilized to secure a second Dragon and more kills. After a phenomenal engage by Cheelm on Jarvan IV around Dragon the entire team of Dynasty was caught out again and aced, leading to an insurmountable lead. The Mountain Soul was picked up by mCon esports and they ended the game quickly after, securing their second victory of the night and the first place on the standings.

Team THRLL was looking to bounce back after their loss but found Defusekids in their path. Defusekids managed to secure an early lead, with bot laner Goose showing off on Lucian with the help of support Nightmares on Leona. Team THRLL was never able to fully recover and Defusekids played its lead to the fullest, showing they can also win through their new bot lane.

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