Dutch League Playoff #2 & #3 Recap & Highlights

Play-off Match #2 (24/03)

Dynasty and Team THRLL took the stage for our second play-off match in the Dutch League. Both teams ended up having the same record, with Team THRLL eventually securing third place, while Dynasty took fourth. Team THRLL used their substitute Mechanics, as ADC Mytheos wasn’t able to play.

In the first game Team THRLL focused on bot lane support bans (denying Bardo), picking up Miss Fortune and Thresh themselves. Raqo took Ryze, while dONNIE and Sebs opted for Olaf and Aatrox respectively. Dynasty chose an Aphelios-Karma bot lane, with RedNosePanda on Lee Sin. Silas took Zoe to the mid lane and Looca played Ornn in the top lane. The early game went pretty even and even though Dynasty led in kills thanks to a strong RedNosePanda on Lee Sin, Team THRLL kept the gold lead after 30 minutes of play. During that time they also secured Baron once. Dynasty started to crank up the pressure towards the late game, picking up a kill and starting Baron. Team THRLL was unable to challenge them and lost 3 members. Dynasty used the Baron to start up a siege, which eventually led to them winning the first game. Strong performances by both mid laner Silas (Zoe) and jungler RedNosePanda (Lee Sin).

Team THRLL decided to shake things up with a Ziggs and Yasuo on Mechanics and Raqo respectively. Dynasty also shook things up with a Zac jungle and Poppy top. They also took a Lux support to the bot lane next to their Aphelios. This time team THRLL looked stronger and they managed to secure a considerable gold lead entering the mid game. Dynasty struggled to find meaningful fights and eventually also had to give up Baron. The gold lead proved to be insurmountable as Team THRLL ended the game after a strong teamfight in the mid lane, tying up the series.

The third game started with chaotic draft that ended with Mechanics on Yasuo in the bot lane and Raqo on Leblanc in the mid lane. Dynasty took a Malphite to the mid lane, with a Syndra-Thresh bot lane. It was Dynasty that found an early lead thanks to repeat ganks in the top lane by RedNosePanda, which they used to pick up two early turrets. They kept that lead for 30 minutes but gave up Baron to Team THRLL, which proved deadly. Team THRLL engages in the mid lane through dONNIE on Zac and manage to find an ace. They ended the game shortly after, qualifying themselves for the third play-off match where they’d face Defusekids.

Play-off Match #3 (26/03)

Team THRLL won its game against Dynasty and had to battle it out with Defusekids for a spot in the finals, where they would meet PSV Esports. Despite losing to PSV Esports, Defusekids still looked strong, while Team THRLL struggled more during their game against Dynasty.

In the first game Defusekids picked up Aphelios and Nautilus, with Lee Sin in the jungle. Alois was put on a Gangplank while Chapapi opted for Orianna. Team THRLL put a Gnar in the top lane and a Zac in the jungle. In the bot lane we saw a Syndra-Thresh combo, while Raqo once again took Tristana to the mid lane. Defusekids started on the wrong foot after a failed red buff invade, but recovered with two kills early. Both teams stayed mostly even in gold during the first half hour of play, with Defusekids maintaining a small gold lead. Eventually Defusekids amped up the pressure as they kept winning small fights and pushing lanes, ending with a big fight by Defusekids in the jungle after a failed Baron bait by THRLL.

In the second game Senna and Tahm Kench were picked up by Defusekids, with Aphelios going to Team THRLL this time with a Nautilus by his side. Defusekids rounded out its composition with a Fiora in the top lane, Sejuani jungle and again Orianna mid. For Team THRLL dONNIE opted for Ivern in the jungle, with a Syndra mid lane and Rennekton top. Defusekids found kills early through Alois and Hades, ending up with a very strong Fiora. Team THRLL mostly looked towards Dragons to get back in the game, eventually picking up the Infernal Soul while Defusekids secured the first Baron.

Defusekids remained in the driver seat for most of the game but after thirty minutes they lost a crucial fight and gave up the Elder Dragon and Baron Nashor allowing Team THRLL to take over control. The final moments of the match turned into a game of poker as both teams waited for the objectives to respawn. Alois used his Fiora to push into the base of Team THRLL, putting down a lot of pressure. Team THRLL wasn’t able to commit to the Elder Dragon, which gave Defusekids the opportunity to use the Tahm Kench ultimate to siege their base, ending the game. Defusekids moves on to the finals, where they’ll face PSV Esports once more!

Next week Grand Final: