Dutch League Finals Recap & Highlights

Play-off Match #2 (24/03)

In the Grand Final of the Dutch League PSV Esports took on Defusekids in a battle for first place and a spot in the EU Masters 2020 Spring Play-in. In the juggernaut match, where these teams first squared off, it was PSV Esports that won. Would we see a repeat of that series or would Defusekids find a way to get past PSV Esports?

In the first game Defusekids approached the draft a bit differently. They picked up Sett for Alois in the top lane and secured a Yasuo-Gragas bot lane for Goose and Nightmares. Chapapi chose Syndra in the mid lane and Hades was put on Rek’Sai. PSV Esports didn’t take any big risks, with a Miss Fortune and Braum in the bot lane and Furuy on Azir in the mid lane. Zhergoth picked up Aatrox, while Albetrayber took a Lee Sin to the jungle. Defusekids picked up an early lead in the bot lane through effective ganks by jungler Hades, with kills going to Goose on Yasuo. They also found four early Dragons and secured the ocean soul. Elder Dragon was also taken by Defusekids a bit later, leaving PSV Esports with almost no options left. Defusekids just walked into their base, won their final fight and secured their first victory in the finals.

PSV Esports took a different approach in the second game, with an early Sett pickup. This time Kitty played Ezreal with Anthrax’ Rakan next to him. Furuy played Syndra in the mid lane with Albetrayber on the Trundle jungle. Defusekids picked up a Lucian-Braum botlane, with an Azir in the mid lane. Hades chose Sejuani while Alois took Camille to the top lane. Defusekids found First Blood in the top lane and maintained a very small gold lead early, as PSV Esports picked up the first three Dragons. This led to a big fight for Dragon Soul, which PSV Esports won convincingly and which also led to a free Baron. Defusekids wasn’t able to get back in the game and gave up another Baron and the Elder Dragon. PSV Esports eventually ended the game and tied up the series.

We saw a different kind of composition for Defusekids in game 3, with a Senna-Nautilus in the bot lane. Hades took Rek’Sai to the jungle once more and Chapapi opted for comfort with a Xerath mid. Alois played Malphite in the top lane. PSV Esports secured Lee Sin for Albetrayber in the jungle and put Ekko in the mid lane for Furuy. Kitty and Anthrax opted for Ziggs and Tahm Kench respectively. Zhergoth rounded out the composition with a Camille. This time it was Defusekids that looked towards picking up Dragons, as they secured three early and eventually found the Mountain Soul uncontested. Defusekids immediately ran towards Baron and also secured that objective. PSV Esports was able to stall out the siege and Baron buff but had to give up Elder Dragon later and also lost Baron once more. Defusekids ends the game shortly after and once again takes the lead.

In the fourth game of the series Zhergoth opted for a Rennekton, while we saw an Ezreal-Rakan bot lane. Furuy chose Syndra in the mid lane while Albetrayber took Gragas to the jungle. Defusekids chose a Lucian-Nautilus bot lane with an Azir in the mid lane. Alois took Gangplank to the top lane while Hades chose a Lee Sin in the jungle. Defusekids faced problems early as the Rennekton of Zhergoth picked up three kills. PSV Esports focused on getting the Dragons and they eventually secured the Cloud Soul but Defusekids managed to sneak Baron away. A fight at Elder Dragon was won by Defusekids, even securing the second Baron afterwards, but they were unable to end the game. It all came down to the second Elder Dragon and it was Defusekids that came out on top in the fight. PSV Esports was also unable to contest the next Baron, which Defusekids used to siege their base and end the game. Defusekids win the Dutch League and will move on to the European Masters 2020!