Country Finals: Semi-final and Grand Final

SEMI-FINAL - LowLandLions versus Dynasty

In the semi-finals of the first Dutch League Country Finals, LowLandLions took on Dynasty. LowLandLions struggled against PSV Esports in their Juggernaut match (without their main mid laner) and were looking to reaffirm their chances. Dynasty won convincingly against Team THRLL in Match 2 and looked primed and ready to compete.

Game 1

Dynasty found First Blood in the bot lane and used that pressure to secure the first Dragon. Gold remained even as LowLandLions found individual leads but Dynasty kept winning smaller fights and picked up a second Dragon. LowLandLions was able to take away the third Dragon by deleting Riron from the equation as they kept the gold even after Dynasty won a previous fight. LowLandLions then turned on Dynasty after finding a pick on FatShield, killing four in total and picking up Baron and their second Dragon. After some back-and-forth LowLandLions find the ace and pick up a second Baron with Dynasty powerless to stop it. After an extended siege LowLandLions destroyed the base of Dynasty, picking up a first win.

Game 2

Dynasty found a lead in the bot lane through Riron on Jhin, but LowLandLions held CS leads and picked up the first Dragon. The gold lead stayed with Dynasty, who found more kills in the first 15 minutes of the game and picked up a Dragon of their own. Following a big dive in the bot lane Dynasty found themselves with a 3000 gold lead which grew to 5000 after picking up the mid lane turret. The gold lead remained on the side of Dynasty as they worked towards Soul Point and kept a tight grip on the game. As LowLandLions defended the mid lane, trying to keep Dynasty off the Infernal Soul, things went wrong. After multiple kills coming out from Riron on Jhin Dynasty bought themselves enough time to end the game, bringing the scoreline to 1-1.

Game 3

Game 3 started in pure chaos, with LowLandLions denying the bot lane of Dynasty and picking up the first Dragon but giving up kills to a Camille in the top lane and Ziggs in the mid lane. Dynasty lost their gold lead slowly but surely towards the 15 minute mark, as LowLandLions found a second Dragon and multiple kills. Dynasty struggled to get a firm grip on the game as LowLandLions put themselves on Soul Point. After two bigger fights Dynasty looked like they were able to sneak away the fourth Dragon, but it was stolen by jungler Hades on Sett, putting LowLandLions on Ocean Soul. Dynasty was unable to prevent LowLandLions from getting the Baron, which they used to siege the base. Dynasty got blown up by LowLandLions, who put themselves on match point, 2-1!

Game 4

LowLandLions started out aggressive which Dynasty was able to counter, picking up multiple kills and finding a solid 3000 gold lead. Jungler Lian got 5 kills on his Lillia after only 12 minutes played. Dynasty kept up their dominant play but LowLandLions was able to sneak away the Baron at 23 minutes into the game, denying a big objective. They also won the following fight, picking up a second Dragon and denying Dynasty Soul Point, while starting to close the gold gap. Dynasty then found a favourable fight around Baron, picking up the objective and putting themselves on Soul Point after, pressuring LowLandLions. One more fight in the top lane later Dynasty was able to destroy the Nexus of LowLandLions, forcing a game 5 at 2-2!

Game 5

Dynasty found a lead in the jungle and picked up the first Dragon but gold remained even in a relatively calm early game. LowLandLions quickly took control when they secured First Blood through Raqo on Azir, after which they kept punishing the Dynasty bot lane in Riron and DodgingDummy. The gold lead kept growing for LowLandLions who secured their second Dragon after a won fight in the jungle at 17 minutes into the game. They moved up to the topside of the map where they found multiple kills, after which LowLandLions also secured the Baron. Things looked dire for Dynasty who got faked out by LowLandLions and lost an inhibitor, but they won the following fight, finding two kills. As LowLandLions ran towards the second Baron they found Dynasty and took down four players, which was enough to end the game. LowLandLions secured a Grand Finals spot where they’ll meet PSV Esports once more.


After defeating Dynasty in a 3-2 series LowLandLions faced PSV Esports once more. In the Grand Finals we saw a rematch of the Juggernaut Match between the two strongest teams of the past two splits. One more for LowLandLions or will PSV Esports finally be able to claim their first title?

Game 1

First Blood went over to PSV Esports on support Anthrax (Pantheon) as they took full control over the early game. Mid laner Furuy got ahead in the mid lane with his Syndra and PSV picked up the first two Dragons. LowLandLions were able to strike back through Hades finding picks on Kitty, forcing PSV Esports to give up the third Dragon. They also had to give up the fourth dragon but turned to Baron. LowLandLions wasn’t able to keep them off it, leading to PSV Esports killing four of their players in the aftermath. Soul Point was reached by PSV Esports shortly after. Half an hour into the game both teams clashed heavily in the mid lane and PSV Esports came out on top, then using that momentum to end the game. PSV Esports goes 1-0 up.

Game 2

The early game started pretty slow, with both teams looking more towards CS and clearing the jungle. LowLandLions found a gold lead thanks to successful ganks by Hades on his NIdalee but PSV Esports kept hanging on and took down the first two dragons. LowLandLions retaliated by taking away the third Dragon. Things slowed down as both teams played more cautiously, culminating in PSV Esports giving up the fourth Dragon and trading it for the mid lane turret. Soul Point was reached by LLL but they lost a big fight in the mid lane after which PSV Esports took down Baron. The game turned into pure chaos and fights all over the map, as PSV Esports reached Soul Point themselves. It all came to a big fight in the mid lane which was won by PSV Esports with them reaching Ocean Soul, acing LowLandLions and picking up Baron. LowLandLions was powerless and couldn’t defend their base as PSV Esports reached match point at 2-0.

Game 3

PSV Esports found a CS lead in all lanes except for the jungle early on, holding on to a gold lead. They also secured the first Dragon. Their gold lead grew even more as Furuy found kills and gold on his Syndra. PSV Esports kept finding kills in all lanes and used their pressure to pick up their second Dragon. A fight was started in the mid lane which was won by PSV Esports, giving them the time needed to pick up Baron uncontested. In a hail mary attempt LowLandLions engaged, finding two kills, but it wasn’t enough. Zhergoth and Kitty clean up the remaining members and end the game after getting the ace. It’s a 3-0 sweep as PSV Esports become the Country Finals Champions.